Frequently Asked Questions

I do not accept insurance at this time but I can provide you with a superbill that you can submit directly to your insurance. Reimbursements are dependent on individual plans and out-of-network policy limits. 

You can use your FSA or HSA spending accounts towards my services. Your primary care doctor or specialist will have to write a letter of medical necessity stating you could benefit from lifestyle changes and the implementation of healthier eating habits. 

Yes! I frequently work alongside your current medical team to ensure you are receiving the upmost care across all areas of your health. I also help my clients with patient advocacy- I will even get on a call with your other practitioners or doctors. If you are in need for specialists or doctors, I will help you find the best care in your area.  

Absolutely! While we may have key areas to focus on, our health is always changing and healing is never linear. The programs are designed with flexibility to meet you where you are.

Once you complete your program you can extend your program if necessary, enroll into a maintenance program where you can receive my support throughout the year over email along with quarterly check-in’s and/or stay connected via my guides, newsletter and social media community.